Scenario List

IDNameLevel Range
Silent Tide1-5
The Hydras Fang Incident1-5
Murder on the Silken Caravan1-5
The Frozen Fingers of Midnight1-5
Mists of Mwangi1-5
Black Waters1-5
Among the Living1-7
Slave Pits of Absalom1-5
Eye of the Crocodile King (retired)1-5
Blood at Dralkard Manor (retired)1-7
The Third Riddle (retired)1-5
Stay of Execution (retired)1-7
The Prince of Augustana1-5
The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch1-7
The Asmodeus Mirage (retired)1-7
To Scale the Dragon5-9
Perils of the Pirate Pact1-7
The Trouble with Secrets (retired)5-9
Skeleton Moon (retired)1-7
King Xeros of Old Azlant7-11
The Eternal Obelisk (retired)5-9
Fingerprints of the Fiend7-11
Tide of Morning1-5
Decline of Glory1-7
Hands of the Muted God (retired)5-9
Lost at Bitter End7-11
Our Lady of Silver5-9
Lyrics of Extinction7-11
The Devil We Know Pt 1: Shipyard Rats1-7
The Devil We Know Pt 2: Cassomir's Locker1-7
Sniper in the Deep5-9
Drow of the Darklands Pyramid7-11
Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible1-5
Encounter at the Drowning Stones7-11
Voice in the Void1-7
Echoes of the Everwar Pt 1: The Prisoner of Skull Hill7-11
The Beggar's Pearl1-7
No Plunder, No Pay7-11
The Citadel of Flame1-5
Hall of Drunken Heroes7-11
The Devil We Know Pt 3: Crypt of Fools1-7
Echoes of the Everwar Pt 2: The Watcher of Ages7-11
The Pallid Plague1-7
Echoes of the Everwar Pt 3: Terror at Whistledown7-11
Deliriums Tangle1-5
Eyes of the Ten Pt 1: Requiem for the Red Raven12-12
The Darkest Vengeance1-5
The Devil We Know Pt 4: Rules of the Swift1-7
Among the Dead1-7
Fortunes Blight5-9
The City of Strangers Pt 1:The Shadow Gambit1-7
The City of Strangers Pt 2: The Twofold Demise1-7
Echoes of the Everwar Pt 4: The Faithless Dead7-11
Eyes of the Ten Pt 2: The Maze of the Open Road12-12
The Infernal Vault1-7
The Jesters Fraud5-9
Before the Dawn Pt 1: The Bloodcove Disguise1-7
Before the Dawn Pt 2: Rescue at Azlant Ridge1-7
The Rebels Ransom5-9
Shadows Fall on Absalom7-11
Eyes of the Ten Pt 3: Red Revolution12-12
The Heresy of Man Pt 1: The First Heresy5-9
The Heresy of Man Pt 2: Where the Dark Things Sleep5-9
The Sarkorian Prophecy7-11
The Heresy of Man Pt 3: Beneath Forgotten Sands5-9
Fury of the Fiend7-11
The Penumbral Accords1-5
Below the Silver Tarn7-11
Murder on the Throaty Mermaid1-5
The Chasm of Screams7-11
Shades of Ice Pt 1: Written in Blood1-5
The Flesh Collector7-11
Shades of Ice Pt 2: Exiles of Winter1-5
The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor7-11
Shades of Ice Pt 3:Keep of the Huskarl King1-5
Wrath of the Accursed7-11
The Dalsine Affair1-7
Eyes of the Ten Pt 4: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained12-12
Shadows Last Stand Pt 1: At Shadows Door1-7
Shadows Last Stand Pt 2: Web of Corruption1-7
You Only Die Twice5-9
The Mantis Prey7-11
The Midnight Mauler1-7
Year of the Shadow Lodge1-11
The Frostfur Captives1-5
Sewer Dragons of Absalom3-7
The Ghennet Manor Gauntlet5-9
The Kortos Envoy7-11
Tide of Twilight1-5
Song of the Sea Witch3-7
Echoes of the Overwatched1-5
Among the Gods3-7
The Quest for Perfection Part 1: The Edge of Heaven1-5
The Immortal Conundrum5-9
The Quest for Perfection Part 2: On Hostile Waters1-5
Wonders in the Weave Part 1: The Dog Pharaoh's Tomb5-9
The Quest for Perfection Part 3: Defenders of Nesting Swallow1-5
Wonders in the Weave Part 2: Snakes in the Fold5-9
The Haunting of Hinojai5-9
The Midnight Mauler3-7
Red Harvest7-11
The God's Market Gamble1-5
The Icebound Outpost1-5
The Rats of Round Mountain Part 1: The Sundered Path7-11
The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment1-5
The Rats of Round Mountain Part 2: Pagoda of the Rat7-11
The Goblinblood Dead1-5
The Golden Serpent5-9
Storming the Diamond Gate3-7
Portal of the Sacred Rune7-11
The Cyphermage Dilemma1-5
Grand Convocation Finale 20121-12
Blood Under Absalom1-11
Rise of the Goblin Guild1-5
In Wrath's Shadow3-7
The Golemworks Incident5-9
King of the Storval Stairs7-11
The Sanos Abduction3-7
The Green Market5-9
Severing Ties1-5
The Cultist's Kiss7-11
The Blakros Matrimony3-7
Feast of Sigils7-11
The Disappeared1-5
The Refuge of Time7-11
Fortress of the Nail5-9
My Enemy's Enemy3-7
The Cyphermage Dilemma1-5
The Fabric of Reality5-9
Tower of the Ironwood Watch5-9
The Veterans Vault1-5
The Night March of Kalkamedes1-5
Words of the Ancients7-11
Way of the Kirin3-7
Halls of Dwarven Lore5-9
Rivalrys End3-7
The Price of Friendship5-9
The Secrets Stones Keep5-9
The Waking Rune7-11
Day of the Demon3-7
Race for the Runecarved Key1-12
The Glass River Rescue1-5
The Wardstone Patrol3-7
The Hellknights Feast5-9
The Stolen Heir1-5
The Elven Entanglement7-11
You Have What You Hold3-7
Port Godless5-9
The Confirmation1-2
The Traitors Lodge3-7
Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread7-11
Library of the Lion1-5
Destiny of the Sands Pt 11-5
Weapon in the Rift5-9
Day of the Demon3-7
Destiny of the Sands Pt 21-5
Destiny of the Sands Pt 33-7
Fate of the Fiend7-11
The Stranger Within5-9
The Horn of Aroden1-5
The Sealed Gate7-11
The Merchants Wake1-5
Scars of the Third Crusade1-5
Cairn of Shadows5-9
Assault on the Wound3-7
Vengeance at Sundered Crag7-11
The Paths We Choose3-7
Siege of the Diamond City1-15
Legacy of the Stonelords1-11
Trial by Machine1-5
The Silver Mount Collection3-7
The Technic Siege5-9
The Beacon Below7-11
Slave Ships of Absalom1-5
Hall of the Flesh Eaters1-5
Valley of Veiled Flame5-9
The Segang Expedition1-5
By Way of Bloodcove3-7
The Wounded Wisp1-2
The Slave Masters Mirror3-7
Scions of the Sky Key, Part 1: On Sharrowsmiths Trail1-5
Of Kirin and Kraken7-11
Scions of the Sky Key, Part 2: Kaava Quarry1-5
The Overflow Archives1-5
Scions of the Sky Key, Part 3: The Golden Guardian1-5
Fires of Karamoss5-9
From Under Ice1-5
Test of Tar Kuata3-7
Returned to Sky7-11
Tapestrys Toil5-9
Out of Anarchy1-5
The Darkest Abduction7-11
Siege of Serpents1-11
Serpents Rise7-7
True Dragons of Absalom4-4
The Sky Key Solution1-11
Between the Lines1-5
Six Seconds to Midnight3-7
The Bronze House Reprisal5-9
The Ironbound Schism7-11
School of Spirits1-5
To Judge a Soul Pt 1: The Lost Legacy3-7
Trouble in Tamran1-5
To Judge a Soul Pt2: Karma Reclaimed3-7
The Blakros Connection5-9
The Consortium Compact1-2
Ancients Anguish7-11
The Twisted Circle1-5
Captive in Crystal5-9
Faithless and Forgotten, Part 11-5
The Deepmarket Deception3-7
Faithless and Forgotten, Part 21-5
Thralls of the Shattered God5-9
Faithless and Forgotten, Part 31-5
Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts3-7
All for Immortality, Part 1: First Taste of Eternity12-15
The Sun Orchid Scheme1-5
Bid for Alabastrine1-5
Abducted in Aether7-11
Dead Mans Debt1-5
Orders from the Gate5-9
All for Immortaliltiy Part 2: All the Gods Beyond12-15
Beyond Azlant Ridge3-7
Ageless Ambitions7-11
All for Immortaliltiy Part 3: Serpents Fall12-15
Serpents Ire8-8
Through Maelstrom Rift6-6
The Cosmic Captive1-11
Portents Peril1-5
Ward Asunder3-7
Captives of Toil5-9
Wardens of Sulfur Gulch7-11
Ungrounded but Unbroken1-5
Reaping What We Sow1-5
From the Tome of Righteous Repose3-7
Tyrrany of Winds, Part 1: The Sandstorm Prophecy1-5
Forged in Flame, Part 1: The Cindersworn Pact5-9
Tyrrany of Winds, Part 2: Secrets of the Endless Sky1-5
Forged in Flame, Part 2: Cleansed With Fire5-9
Tyrrany of Winds, Part 3: Caught in the Eclipse3-7
What Sleeps in Stone7-11
To Seal the Shadow1-5
Hrethnars Throne5-9
House of Harmonious Wisdom1-5
Refugees of the Weary Sky7-11
Champions Chalice, Part 1: Blazing Dangerous Trails1-5
Treacherous Waves3-7
Torrents Last Will7-11
Champions Chalice, Part 2: Agents of the Eye1-5
Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen1-5
Graves of Crystalmaw Pass3-7
Raid on the Cloudborne Keep5-9
Unleashing the Untouchable12-15
The Solstice Scar1-11
Assault on Absalom1-11
The Cost of Enlightenment1-5
A Case of Missing Persons3-7
On the Border of War5-9
The Unseen Inclusion1-5
Call of the Copper Gate3-7
The Shores of Heaven1-5
Salvation of the Sages7-11
Birthright Betrayed1-5
Beyond the Halflight Path3-7
Signs in Senghor1-5
The Jarlsblood Witch Saga5-9
Shrine of the Sacred Tempest1-5
The Lions Justice 7-11
Down the Verdant Path1-5
The Bloodcove Blockade 3-7
Fallen Family, Broken Name1-5
Oath of the Overwatched5-9
Scourge of the Farheavens1-5
Clash in Kaimuko Wood 5-9
Fury of the Final Blade7-11
In the Grandmasters Name3-7
The Silent Grave3-7
Maze to the Mind Slave3-7
The Haunting of Harrowstone2-4
Trail of the Beast6-8
Broken Moon7-9
Wake of the Watcher9-11
Ashes at Dawn11-13
Shadows of Gallowspire13-15
Blood Vow Lair1-3
Crypt of Tula3-5
Monastery of St Kyerixus5-7
Bonus Chronicle2-6
Daughters of Fury 1: Hells Quarry2-4
Daughters of Fury 2: The Border Standings3-5
Daughters of Fury 3: Sacrifice4-6
The Tower Ruins1-2
The Cellars1-3
The Drowned Level3-5
The Clockwork Maze4-6
Shrine of the Awakener5-7
The Circle of Vissk-Thar6-8
The Spire Axis7-9
The Magma Vault8-10
The Tomb of Yarrix8-10
The Automaton Forge9-11
The Pleasure Gardens9-11
The Throne of Azlant10-12
Order and Chaos10-12
The Emerald Root11-13
Master of the Fallen Fortress1-1
We Be Goblins!1-1
Dawn of the Scarlet Sun4-6
We Be Goblins Too!2-4
Risen from the Sands2-4
We Be Goblins Free!3-5
We B4 Goblins!1-2
First Steps Part 1: In Service to Lore1-1
First Steps Part 2: To Delve the Dungeon Deep (retired)1-1
First Steps Part 3: A Vision of Betrayal (retired)1-1
Academy of Secrets12-14
Carrion Hill4-6
City of Golden Death4-6
Crypt of the Everflame1-2
Cult of the Ebon Destroyers6-9
Curse of the Riven Sky9-11
Feast of Ravenmoor2-4
From Shore to Sea5-7
Masks of the Living God2-4
No Response from Deepmar7-9
Realm of the Fellnight Queen6-8
The Godsmouth Heresy1-2
The Harrowing8-10
The Midnight Mirror3-5
The Ruby Phoenix Tournament10-12
The Witchwar Legacy16-18
Tomb of the Iron Medusa13-15
Murder's Mark1-2
The Moonscar15-17
Broken Chains5-7
Fangwood Keep3-5
Tears at Bitter Manor, Ch 1&25-7
Tears at Bitter Manor, Ch 36-8
The Half-Dead City1-2
Empty Graves4-6
Shifting Sands7-9
Secrets of the Sphinx10-12
The Slave Trenches of Hakotep12-14
Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh15-17
Burnt Offerings3-5
The Skinsaw Murders4-6
The Hook Mountain Massacre8-10
Fortress of the Stone Giants12-14
Sins of the Saviors14-16
The Spires of Xin-Shalast16-18
The Snows of Summer0-0
The Shackled Hut0-0
Maiden, Mother, Crone0-0
The Frozen Stars0-0
Rasputin Must Die!0-0
The Witch Queens Revenge0-0
Shards of Sin3-5
Curse of the Ladys Light6-8
The Asylum Stone9-11
Beyond the Doomsday Door11-13
Into the Nightmare Rift13-15
The Dead Heart of Xin0-0
The Wormwood Mutiny2-4
Raiders of the Fever Sea5-7
Tempest Rising7-9
Island of Empty Eyes9-11
The Price of Infamy11-13
From Hells Heart13-15
The Accursed Halls0-0
The Forgotten Laboratory0-0
The Enigma Vaults0-0
Sanctum of a Lost Age0-0
Dark Menagerie0-0
Karggat Mine A11-13
Karggat Mine B12-14
Megator Facient13-15
Bonus Chronicle0-0

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